About Minsterport

Minsterport is a supplier of process measurement and control instrumentation. Our product portfolio includes sensors for measurement of weight, level and point level as well as equipment and software for integration into process control systems.

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M260S Load Cell Amplifier

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Kistler Morse

Microcell® Bolt-On Sensor

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Bindicator Roto Pro


Roto Pro

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Round Separator

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Dedicated VMI


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Latest News

  • Top Challenges With Silo Levels

  • A wide variety of industries depend on vessels such as bins and silos to store bulk inventory. No matter the material or the industry, it is almost always necessary to either continuously or periodically measure the amount that each vessel holds. The amount of inventory may change throughout the day or week depending on how often the bins are filled and/or emptied. Before deciding on a weighing system, it is important to first understand the top challenges in silo levels.

  • Minsterport Silo Protection Systems

  • Minsterport is proud to introduce our new range of Silo Protection Systems. Our SPS systems both meet and exceed safety guidelines from the Mineral Products Association.

  • The Secret to Powder And Bulk Solid Inventory Management

  • About Minsterport Minsterport is a supplier of process measurement and...

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