MySilo Web Platform

Superior Web Based Software

The MySilo web platform is a unique, browser based silo monitoring platform providing real time information of silo stock and asset data. From simple monitoring and visualization of tanks and silos, to extremely precise tank gauging, delivery management and detailed inventory control features, the MySilo Web Platform guarantees complete inventory visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

Anywhere, Any time

Thanks to its web based capabilities, the MySilo web platform can be accessed from any device with internet access and a web browser. The platform is supported on all popular web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), meaning that it can be accessible from any device, desktop or mobile – No software is required. This allows the full enterprise to access vital stock data at all times and from any location.


Email & SMS alerts

When a selected threshold is reached, the MySilo Web Platform will send automated email and/or SMS alerts to the desired users, notifying them of a change in level within the silo, ideal for inventory management control.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Trends

In addition to providing real time stock data, the MySilo Web Platform provides users with a detailed daily, weekly and monthly historical trend of every silo being monitored.

Historical Usage

Users can access detailed stock information such as ‘Historical Usage’, ‘Time till Empty’ and ‘Delivery Histories’.

Analysis Tools

The platform allows users to look back at historical data from any time frame. Any time stamp can be selected and the data will be generated for users to access. All data can be exported to Excel for further use.


  • Hardware – SiloView Telemetry Unit
  • Web Accessible Device
  • Internet Connection
  • Web Browser – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

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