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Load Stand® II Direct Support

Integral part of the support structure with the sensors attached directly

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LD360s™ Load Cell

Sealed, polished stainless steel construction is ideal for high-pressure wash-down environments

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LD3™ Compression Load Cell

Low profile, high performance load cell suitable for a wide range of applications

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Microcell® Bolt-On Sensor

Bolt-on sensor used on metal legged silos use to determine vessel weight

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L-Cell® Bolt-On Sensor

Bolt-on weight sensor that is ideal for skirted silo and shear applications

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Not sure what to choose? Learn more about weighing systems and accuracy.


To choose the right product, think about how accurate you need the information to be.

  • Do you care that the total is off by a 100lbs or 1000 lbs?
  • How much money will you be losing if some of the material overflows or isn’t available?
  • Does this impact how much material you need to keep in stock or order?

Usually, the more valuable your product, the more accurate the system should be.

Vessel Capacity

The smaller the vessel the higher the accuracy is usually required; as material is moved through the process, it is often consolidated into smaller bins for efficient processing.

Vessel Size (lbs) Process Activity
100,000 or more Bulk storage
20 to 100,000 A days-worth of product
5 to 20,000 Final Processing