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Silo Technology

With well over 30 Years Experience in Silo Monitoring - You know you’re in safe hands.

Silos Running Solo

Monitor your silo 24/7 using our remote monitoring app

Make sure your silo never runs out or runs low, with MySilo, the unique browser-based 24/7 silo monitoring platform. MySilo is completely customisable, with real-time feedback on your silo stock and asset data that’s as simple or as precise as you want it to be.

Affordable, precise, and viewable from anywhere in the world, MySilo guarantees complete inventory visibility - whether you’re looking for accurate tank gauging and detailed inventory control, or a simple at-a-glance visualisation of your tanks and silos.

Powerful Silo Sensors

Precise level management and active inventory protection

Bindicator’s point and continuous level sensors and material management technology has been preventing overflow spills, controlling surge bins, detecting plugged chutes and providing on/off control of pumps and conveyors in the dry bulk industry since 1936. Fully customisable and durable, Bindicator products require little to no maintenance and are easy to install and calibrate.

Total Weighing Solutions

Weigh and manage your entire inventory from a single location

As the exclusive UK agents for Kistler-Morse products, we carry a wide variety of these industry-leading bolt-on and load cell weighing sensors. Along with powerful sensors for bulk and in-process applications, we provide controllers and inventory management systems to create a complete weighing solution.

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